• Wedding Ceremony
  • Life Celebration
  • Mother Blessingway
  • New Home Blessing
  • Cord Cutting/Releasing Trauma
  • Talking Circles
  • Sacred Circle Facilitator
  • Reiki Healing Circles
  • Smudging/Cleansing with Herbs
  • Aromatherapy Anointing
  • Red Tent Ceremony
  • Honoring Seasons and Moon Cycles


T hroughout life there are new beginnings, mergers, rites of passage, transitions, even parting of ways. Doing so in ceremony is a beautiful expression of celebrating one’s life and honoring special moments in a unique yet traditional way. As in many celebrations, friends and family gather to honor a persons transition and Journey. It is my joy and honor to co-create your sacred ceremony or ritual with you providing spiritual guidance, visioning support and facilitation. Allow me to assist you on your special day! Ceremonies are best booked at least two months in advance if possible. Shannon is an Ordained Holistic Minister Practitioner, certified to perform legal religious services through LightWing Center, LifeSpirit Congregational Church.
Ceremonies can be custom for any person or event. They can be created in addition to, or in place of many popular celebrations. Such as; Weddings, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Partys, etc… All Ceremonies are custom and unique to each individual and occasion. Some ceremonies such as Mother Blessingways consist of various rituals, such as;essential oil anointment, floral hair weaving, herbal footbath massage, Hena body art, yoga, beading keepsake necklace, dream catcher weaving,  Mandala art, prayer flags, candlelight blessings, group painting, journaling, guided visual meditations, Reiki healing share circles, poetry, drumming, song and dance.​

It is with a Joyful heart, that I walk this path of practicing ancient traditions which honor you or your special loved one with Blessings of Love and Light. Aho!


For The Expectant Mother

Mother BlessingWay Ceremony - A Celebration of Motherhood

Prenatal Therapeutic and Holistic Services