Shannon, a Certified Yoga Instructor, registered with Yoga Alliance, is dedicated to working with women, mothers, babies, and children. Shannon’s classes are uniquely taught to meet the individual needs of all who attend. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Goddess Yoga Class


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Curvy Goddess Yoga classes is for Women of ALL Sizes, Shapes & Ages!

Explore your Goddess-self in a safe & loving environment to practice yoga and inward kindness. Using our breath, movement and awareness we invite the intention of creating a more positive relationship with ourselves and our physical forms on and off the mat. This yoga practice is gentle and focused on listening to the inner voice for guidance and building a practice that is right for each student individually. Curvy Goddess Yoga is designed to empower, build strength and flexibility, while offering many pose variations and modifications to experience the joy of movement. This class is a great fit for people new to yoga and those that already have a gentle practice. Curvy Goddess Yoga meets you right where you are today, so why wait? Come in and rock those curves!
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Curvy Goddess Tribe has not just become a place to connect and do yoga in class,
but it has grown to become a community of Sisterhood!
This is a sacred space to share our love and interest for Yoga, Health, Holistic Practices, Essential Oils, Herbs,
Reiki and all things that help us on our life journey as women!
Whether you come to my Goddess Yoga class every week, when your schedule permits or not at all…
Now our community of Sisterhood can connect ON and OFF the mat via this facebook group.
Conceive, Believe, Achieve & Receive Your Goddess-self!

Prenatal Yoga Class


14 Weeks through due date

  • Prepare body, mind & spirit for birth
  • Bond with your pre-born baby
  • Learn breathing techniques
  • Improve flexibility, posture, physical comfort, concentration, endurance, balance, clarity of mind and emotional well-being
  • Practice effective pain coping skills
  • Reduce back, joint, sciatica pain & reduce swelling & inflammation
  • Learn tools of meditation & visual imagery
  • Learn natural and holistic practices specific to pregnancy
  • Celebrate passage to motherhood
  • Connect with other mothers

A during a pregnancy yoga class, the practice of comfortable body positions, various breathing techniques, guided meditation and visual imagery will help guide you towards a positive, natural and confident birthing experience. Preparing for and experiencing the birth of your baby should not just be a state of mind, it is also a place of heart. Learn to reduce stress, minimize pain and discomforts, strengthen muscles, and maintain good posture. Enjoy your pregnancy and the labor of love! Learn to trust your body and embrace the transitions as you journey your path to motherhood.

Women can begin pregnancy yoga after their 12-14th week and may practice continually till the birth of your baby.  We ask that you get permission from your physician/midwife before starting any new exercise program and keep them informed of your progressions.



Itsy Bitsy Baby and Me Yoga Class

baby cobra poseNewborn to nearly crawling

  • Deepen the parent/child bond
  • Discover your child’s personality and learning style
  • Help baby sleep longer and better
  • Improve baby’s digestion and ease tummy troubles
  • Relieve fussiness and colic
  • Discover ways to enhance your baby’s motor development
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Encourage neuromuscular development
  • Build your confidence as a parent

In a Baby Itsy Bitsy Yoga class, babies enjoy yoga while on their backs, tummies, or held in loving arms. Learn to explore the world together with fun yoga Sing-and-Do’s!  For parents, this class is a special opportunity to meet other moms, get support, and learn about baby’s emerging personality. Most of the yoga we do in Itsy Bitsy Yoga is for baby, but you will also learn breathing and relaxation techniques as you practice a bit of yoga yourself.

Baby Itsy Bitsy Yoga was created by Helen Garabedian, and Infant Movement Educator, yoga teacher, and mother. ​Shannon is a trained Itsy Bitsy Yoga facilitator.

Itsy Bitsy Tots Yoga Class



Crawling to three years

  • Deepening the parent/child bond
  • Improving body-awareness
  • Playfully relieving stress and frustration
  • Increasing their attention span
  • Enjoying an outlet for social interaction
  • Nurturing self-esteem and creativity
  • Building a fit, healthy lifestyle

Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Tots is a supportive, fun-loving, and active yoga class. As tot’s mobility increases, classes offer tot-centric poses that encourage and support their physical explorations. Tots become more confident in their moving bodies as they practice yoga both in and out of class. During a Tots Itsy Bitsy Yoga class crawlers and walkers playfully practice yoga postures while they are standing, sitting up, walking, and jumping. Parents also get to do a little yoga and bond with your growing tot in a playful and healthy way.

Itsy Bitsy Tykes Yoga Class


yoga tyke

Pre-school age 3-4 years

  • A Playful, Fun, supportive, non-competitive activity for your child
  • Building Independence and Nurturing self-esteem
  • Developing social and sharing skills
  • Improving body-awareness
  • Connecting with their breath and emotions
  • Increasing their focus and attention to details
  • Nurturing Sensory Awareness
  • Creative Imagination play
  • Learning to calmly “shift gears” of activity changes
  • Inspiring Healthy Habits and lifestyle
  • Creating Peaceful Relaxing Moments via Kid Friendly Mindful Meditations

Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Tykes teaches the basics of yoga to children including poses, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation. This class is developmentally appropriate and practices safe movements for tykes as well as incorporates learning and literacy. Itsy Bitsy Yoga for Tykes encourages and develops:  Health, well-being, creativity,  self-expression, strength, flexibility, confidence, self-esteem, concentration and attention span, inner calm, relaxation and improved sleep.