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Reiki Level I is approved for CEU's - Continuing Education classes for Massage Therapists and are Approved by NCBTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

Reiki Certification

Level  I

Discover the Healer Within! You will learn the basics of energy healing and how to use it on yourself and others. You will learn Reiki Sacred Symbols and receive your first Reiki Attunement which will connect you to the Reiki Healing Energy. We will cover the basics of how energy works and how it affects our physical and energetic bodies. Our practice also includes; Learning a hands-on Self-Healing Treatment, Aura Cleansing, Shielding, Protection, Flooding, Reiki Meditation, basics of the Chakra System, Essential Oils and the importance of living a High Frequency Reiki Lifestyle. You will also receive an illustrated manual on how to perform the techniques along with the history of Reiki. After completing this training you will receive your Reiki Certification suitable for framing with your Reiki lineage documents.

Contribution: $175

Level  II

You will learn even more about how to apply Reiki to your life. You will be attuned to the Reiki two symbols and learn how to use them. Everyone will receive a Master Crystal Wand which you will learn and practice “Reiki Charging”, along with basic Crystal Healing. We will set up an alter and do long distance, past, and future energy healing. Learn a complete Reiki treatment protocol, and how to help heal others in need. This class is more hands on, and covers how to set up your own Reiki practice if you are drawn to do so. After completing this training you will receive your Reiki Certification suitable for framing with your Reiki lineage documents.

Contribution: $185.

Level  III

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) will take you deeper into your Reiki practice. You will be attuned to all the Reiki Master Symbols. You will learn advanced work with Crystals; Alter grids, Body grids, basic Crystal Chakra Balancing. This is a very hands-on class which will also incorporate Energy Assessments, Group Healing Sessions, Meeting Your Reiki Guides through Meditation, and a variety of techniques in activating the Reiki energy. This class takes you deeper and strengthens your Reiki connection. It will also prepare you for a professional practice and becoming a Reiki Master, if you are drawn to do so.

Contribution: $195.

Master Level  IV

The Reiki Master Training - Is for those Reiki practitioners who want to become a Reiki Master. In this two day class, we will review in more detail how to use all the Reiki symbols. You will learn advanced Energy Assessments, Reiki Healing attunements, along with the Violet Breath technique that activates the Reiki energy for healing sessions and attunements. You will learn how to do all the Reiki level attunements on others and we will practice them on each other! You will also learn the incredible healing attunement technique and how it can help others. You will be given the Reiki Master Manual which comes with a complete step by step outline to perform and teach all four Reiki classes, if you wish. Reach your highest potential and become a Reiki Master! Each Reiki Master Graduate receives a white light Reiki Master attuned Healing Scarf.

Contribution: $500 + $25 Reiki Master Manual = $525.

Apprentice Programs

Shannon also offers additional support and mentoring through her Apprentice Programs.  More information is available by visiting the pages below.

Reiki Master Apprentice Program

Reiki Master Teacher Apprentice Program

Animal Reiki Certification

Join fellow healers and animal lovers on this journey to healing and wholeness. A Reiki session helps relax the body and supports the facilitation of healing on all levels for animals in much the same way that it works for humans. The energy is gentle and noninvasive, yet powerful, and works safely in conjunction with other forms of healing in both veterinary and holistic medicine.


Reiki can effectively address any issue an animal may face: physical, mental, or emotional. It goes directly to the origin of the problem, even if it is not known, or is a result from something in the animal’s past. It can be used in any situation, including shelter/rescue animals whose past is not known. Reiki can do no harm and will not give more to the recipient than they are open to receive. It is not something “done” to the animal; the animal will accept as much energy as it is comfortable with. Reiki fosters a special connection between practitioner and animal so they become partners in the healing process, rather than just passive receivers of healing. Animals tend to be energetically sensitive and are generally understanding and receptive to Reiki when it is offered to them.


There will be lab time with hands-on animal experience during class so you have the opportunity for practice. Please do not bring your animal companion although you may bring pictures if you like.

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