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Spiritual Mentoring

Seeking guidance in life, while also looking to grow spiritually? Spiritual mentoring provides a therapeutic and instructive approach to achieving this. Sessions will enable you to become adept in incorporating spirituality into everyday life, while also overcoming difficulties. You'll be more in tune with yourself, better attuned to those around you, and develop better critical thinking skills. With the support of a spiritual mentor, you can discover who you are and develop a plan to achieve your fullest potential.

Reiki Mentoring
Personal, Practitioner, Professional Business - Beginners & Advanced Welcome!

Reiki Mentorship can help you evolve and grow in your practice so you can feel more secure and confident in your own abilities while you navigate through and figure out your own personal Reiki Path. 

Mentorships can deepen and broaden your skills as a healer, give you confidence, support your personal and/or professional growth.


Reiki Mentoring is offered through our online Reiki Mentorship program or via 1 on 1 phone/zoom. Reiki Mentoring is for anyone who has completed Reiki Level 1 or higher, and has studied under the Usui System of Reiki.

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Check Class Page to see if other Mentorship or Apprentice Programs are currently being offered.
Contact us directly to schedule your 1 on 1 se

Reiki Sessions

In these sessions we call upon your bodies own energy to provide relaxation as well as physical and emotional balancing. The power of prayer, anointing with oils and the gentle laying-on of hands will provide great comfort during times of physical and emotional stress. Your energy session may be customized to work on Emotional Balancing, Chakra Connection or a Blessing of the Senses. 

Private and group sessions available. Want to learn Reiki?

Remote Reiki Sessions

Pick your date and time to receive reiki from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you are! Sessions are 15 - 30 mins. Sessions are done live via phone or video. You may request the session for any situation, or intention you may have, or simply just a full body session infused with health and harmony for comfort and support. Can include upon request: Crystal Reiki Grid, Oracle Card Reading, Animal Spirit Communication.

Reiki Session with Animals

Sessions can be offered in-person, or remotely. 

Shamanic Cranial Sacral Therapy

Beneficial for infants, adolescence, teenagers, & adults in healing physical ailments, emotional and mental imbalances. 

Throughout the journey of life, we encounter and endure stress, strains, and trauma that become trapped in our bodies. When our body holds onto the stress, strains, and trauma instead of releasing it, our tissues and fluids are no longer in harmony, thus our core body system becomes compromised. When there is disharmony in the body this will result in dis-ease in our body and symptoms of pain, discomfort, emotional, physical, and behavioral issues will arise.

​Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, no force, hands-on healing modality that focuses on the wave-like rhythmic pulse that goes through the entire body. This therapy stems from osteopathy, which is an approach that emphasizes the role of the musculoskeletal system in health and disease. CranioSacral Therapy releases restrictions around the brain and spinal cord, thus allowing our body to self-heal and self-correct. There are no side affects from CranioSacral Therapy; the practitioner creates a loving and safe environment for the client to begin their self-healing process.


  • Restores autonomic nervous system’s flexibility and adaptability

  • Enhances flow of blood and fluids throughout the body

  • Improves the internal environment for the brain, spinal cord, and central nervous system

Emotional Clearing

This is a gentle yet powerful session to work through emotions in the conscious and subconscious. We lay the pathway to Recognize and Release emotions and patterns which no longer serve you in a positive and productive way. We then clear these blocks by applying Essential Oils to the body point related to this emotion. Finally, we will use Affirmations and Declarations to shift the negative blocked emotion into positive energy and forward movement. Each session ends with Reiki to bring harmony and balance to your whole Be-ing!


Essential Oils used in the session are: White Angelica, Valor, Trauma Life, Release, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Surrender, Acceptance, Joy, Highest Potential, Believe, Harmony, Present Time.

Raindrop Technique

Rejuvenate the mind. Balance the body. A Raindrop session is a non-invasive, revolutionary way for helping restore harmony and balance back to the body! The Raindrop Technique is the art of dripping unadulterated, therapeutic-grade Young Living essential oils onto the body from a height (like rain), so that the oils interact with the physical body as well as the energy field. These oils are then feathered in using an gentle light-touch technique. This was inspired by the Native American belief that raindrops falling from a height may purify and cleanse the body and spirit. Because the essential oils easily penetrate the skin and muscles, the technique works on deep levels of the body without requiring hard pressure or force. The Young Living® essential oils used most commonly in the technique are Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen or Birch, Marjoram and Peppermint, and the blends Valor, Aroma Siez, and White Angelica. However, other oils may be added or substituted as appropriate and as needed, including oils for supporting emotional and spiritual support. 


Want to learn the Raindrop Technique? Contact me for more information. Private and group sessions available.

AromaDome & Reiki Energy Session

During a session, you lie, fully clothed, on top of a comfortable padded massage table in a tranquil environment. The AromaDome is placed like a tent over the top half of the body, while a specially designed aromatherapy diffuser distributes the essential oil of your choice. REIKI is given at the feet though-out the session. Generally, mellow music is played to help you relax. Some clients find it helpful to establish and focus on their own affirmations and intentions. Positive thinking, meditation and visualization can offer profound cumulative benefits to the body, mind and spirit. It’s also completely okay to relax and just allow your mind to drift off.


Reflexology is a form of bodywork that focuses primarily on the feet.  The underlying theory behind reflexology is that there are “reflex” areas on the feet and hands that correspond to specific organs, glands, and other parts of the body.  In a Reflexology session, pressure is applied to these reflex areas to promote health in the corresponding organs through energetic pathways. You may choose a Reflexology session if you want to reduce stress, improve circulation, increase energy or boost immune function.

Your session will be customized to meet your needs.

Reflexology Options:

  • Feet

  • Feet & Hands

  • Feet, Hands & Ears

Chakra Balancing

A session consists of energy balancing and healing focused on each of the 7 Chakras: A pendulum is used to determine which chakras need special attention, a full chakra layout of crystals are placed on the body while the practitioner facilitates Reiki  to aid in the balancing. A pendulum is used to communicate the results of your session. Essential oils and their high energy frequencies attribute to rapid results while offering support to your self-healing process. An Aura Cleansing Sweep and Smudging with sacred herbs is included at the beginning, middle and end of your session. Your experience being a lovely relaxing journey towards Chakra and whole Aura Harmony. 

Benefits of Chakra Balancing

  • Releasing blockages in the body and spirit

  • Releasing trauma and low vibration

  • Aligning the body back to a state of balanced health

  • Awaken new found energy from the chakras

  • Reach new levels of spirituality

Guided Meditation & Breath Techniques

Shannon offers a variety of Guided Meditation practices for you to simply enjoy the experience of relaxation and stress reduction. Learn to practice meditation relaxation and breathing to calm and oxygenate your body and use as a tool during times of stress. The use of Essential Oils are used to enhance your senses and support Mind, Body, Spirit relaxation experience. Private and group sessions available.

Some examples include:

  • Breath Meditation

  • Body Scan Meditation for Awareness and Healing

  • Chakra Harmony Meditation

  • Set yourself Free Meditation - Releasing Stress & Worries 

  • Goddess Empowerment Meditation

  • Meet your Spirit Guides Meditation

  • Gentle Moving Meditation

  • Unconditional Love Meditation

  • Dream Catcher Meditation

  • Into The Future - Manifesting Meditation

  • Digestive or Detox Meditation

Burning Bowl: Fire Release and Manifesting

Identify what does not serve you in a positive and productive way - this written declaration will be offered to a sacred fire in ceremony for releasing. Identify what does serve me in a positive and productive way and create positive affirmations - this written declaration will be offered to a sacred fire in ceremony for Manifesting. Both aspects of Releasing of "what does not serve you" and Manifesting "what does serve you" is a powerful and profound experience to get out of "stuck" energy and mindset, so you can move forward towards the life you wish to lead. 

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT) Session

Description: UZIT was inspired by Donna Karan and developed by Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman Yee to serve hospital staff, patients and their families. In a private UZIT session we will address symptoms you may be experiencing such as; Pain, Anxiety, Nausea, Insomnia, Constipation, and Exhaustion. Then Shannon will inter-weave a custom session using gentle movements, restorative yoga poses, body awareness meditation, breath practices, essential oils, and Reiki. 

Holistic Wellness Assessment

By answering a series of brief questions about your lifestyle, together we can discover new pathways for Living your Life In Full Circle Harmony!

Therapeutic Services
Public Speaking, Presentation, Education
Reiki Training Certification

Reiki Certification

Spiritual Energy Work, REIKI, and Meditation

Shannon is a Certified Reiki Master & Teacher since 2000 and descended 8th in Lineage from Dr. Mikao Usui.

Want to feel relaxation, warmth and love? Universal energy flows through us and can be transferred through our hands with the art of Reiki. Reiki promotes healing, alignment, emotional well-being and detoxification of the body. Let me help you achieve balance of mind, body and spirit through Energy Healing. Contact Shannon Directly for Booking an Apt.

ALL REIKI LEVELS Training & Certifications Available.  A listing of all CLASSES is available.  Private Group certification classes available for 4+ participants.

Shannon guides each student to discover the Healer Within! She teaches you how to set specific positive intentions, followed by a variety of techniques to choose from in order to help facilitate the universal energy flow. Each of Shannon’s students learns how to become an authentic and unique powerful Energy facilitator by creating a safe and sacred space for the self-healing process to flourish.

Learn the healing Energy Technique of Reiki! A wonderful tool for nurses, massage therapists, teachers, and all those who are called to help others. Embrace this life-changing experience to be in-touch with YOUR unique Energy healing abilities!

“Reiki IS Love, Love is Wholeness, Wholeness is Balance, Balance is Well-being, Well-being is Freedom from dis-ease.”  Remember These Words, They Represent What IS Reiki.  ~ Dr. Mikao Usui

Contact Shannon or visit the class page to sign up for Reiki training. 


Officiating Services and Ceremonies 

Throughout life there are new beginnings, mergers, rites of passage, transitions, even parting of ways. Doing so in ceremony is a beautiful expression of celebrating one’s life and honoring special moments in a unique yet traditional way. As in many celebrations, friends and family gather to honor a persons transition and Journey. It is my joy and honor to co-create your sacred ceremony or ritual with you providing spiritual guidance, visioning support and facilitation. Allow me to assist you on your special day!

Yoga Classes

Harmony Yoga Class

Connect & Restore Mind, Body & Spirit through Mindful Movement, Breath, Meditation & Essential Oils!

These fun workshops are guaranteed to relax your mind, renew your body, and restore your spirit. Each workshop will include breath-work with aromatherapy, guided relaxation, meditation, and gentle mindful yoga movements. We invite intention of creating a more positive relationship with ourselves and our physical forms on and off the mat.
This yoga practice is intuitive, gentle, and focused on listening to the inner voice for guidance and building a practice that is right for each student individually.

This class is a great fit for people new to yoga and those that already have a gentle practice.

Living In Full Circle Harmony



Call 630.455.5885 to reserve your space or signup with MINDBODY Online at

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