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Mother Blessing Pricing and Add-Ons

The Mother Blessing is a way for an expecting woman and her close friends/family to mark and celebrate her transition into motherhood. Unlike a Baby Shower, which is more baby and gift focused, the Mother Blessing is a sacred gathering centered upon the pregnant woman, giving her focused nourishing attention and support. Mother Blessing often include a sharing circle where  participants offer heart-felt wishes (blessings) for the mama-to-be. Included in the Mother Blessing ceremony is a creative activity and a nurturing activity. It is a space where the mama-to-be can share her hopes, fears and dreams and feel supported and activated to go on into her birthing time.

With roots steaming from this American Indian tradition, Mother Blessing ceremonies have an inherent respect for nature, spirit, animal and plant life. These traditions direct us to experience pregnancy, birthing and moving into motherhood as a sacred transition. Within the Mother Blessing ceremony we practice being in tune with the cycles of life. We experience the support of our community, be that our friends who may have become mothers first, or our elders. These traditions encourage us to become humble as we pass through the gateways of motherhood initiation.

Mother Blessings are unified by many elements of the sacred feminine. We include that which is meaningful to us personally, socially and spiritually. This may be done through song, creative activities, intention setting, meaningful gift giving, pampering, ceremony and nourishing the senses with food, smells, textures and beauty.

Each ceremony is customized for a beautiful, unique and fun experience for ALL! I offer a complementary Smudging for the room & circle of guests with Sage to cleanse & purify sacred space for ceremony. (The smudging is optional).

Please note: while we are planning your Mother Blessing, please keep in mind that I highly suggest we keep this ceremony small, simple and intimate. Since special friends and family may be in town for your baby shower, in the morning before or evening after the shower in a quiet space may be a good time to have your Mother Blessing ceremony. 

$300.00 + travel expenses = 3 hour ceremony + includes the following. (for add-ons see separate list/prices)

Included in your Blessingway are the following:   

  • Ancestral Introduction with Red Ribbon

Guests introduce themselves and honor the women in their family who have walked before them.

  • Floral Hair Crown

A beautiful fresh floral crown is handcrafted and provided to adorn the the Mama Goddess. Each guest receives a small silk flower headband to adorn themselves and take home.  

  • Herbal Foot Bath Massage

Wash worries away with this custom blended herbs, Epsom salts and essential oils. Foot tub provided.

  • Baby Dream Catcher Mobile

It is a tradition for Native American families to make Dream Catchers for their babies. The families hung them above where the children slept, to ensure happy dreams and a peaceful sleep. I hand make a Dream Catcher out of natural elements from mother earth. Then please ask each guest to bring 1 small sentimental bead with a large hole to be hung on it. Items chosen should not be too heavy to hang safely above baby’s crib & also can be easily tied to mobile. If you prefer for me to provide the beads, I am happy to do so at no extra cost.

  • Blessing Flags

We decorate flags with positive affirmations, prayers, poems and pictures, then hanging them like prayer flags. Not only is this a creative and fun activity, it also brings all your love and support into the mother, father and baby’s world when it’s hung in their home or laboring space.

  • Party Favors - As part of the ceremony, each guest will add pinch of herbs (Chamomile for Calming, Rosebuds/petals for Beauty, Lavender for Rejuvenating, Calendula for Healing) to the center bowl of Epsom salt. We will use that mixture to the for mama's herbal foot bath and each guest will be able to take home a small jar to enjoy.


Note: Adding some of these options require a longer time frame to be added to you’re special event

  • Custom Invitations $45.00

I will create a custom invitation & email it to you in the form of a jpg or pdf. You can then send this invitation via email or print & mail to your guests.

  • Group Painting $20.00

Includes one 16X20 canvas & water color paints. Mama gets to keep the painting created for her by all her guests.

  • Baby Leather Moccasins $55.00

Baby moccasins made with love by my Full Circle Harmony Community Members; Beverly Jacobs, a Cherokee Nation elder who lives on the Mohican Native American Reservation in Wisconsin or Terry Moutray of Scorpion Trading Post, Greshem, Wisconsin. Each moccasin pair are hand sewn with high quality materials. Moccasins are made from traditional white or brown genuine leather. One size fits most infants. Limited Supply.

  • Medicine bag $20

Traditional white/brown genuine leather hand sewn pouch by my mother Beverly. Inside will be customized spiritual treasures; such as crystals, herbs, and a blessing.

  • Essential oil Anointing & Blessing – $10 for group up to 20 people.

You and your guests will be anointed with your choice of a sacred essential oil and a prayer blessing is offered.

  • Goddess Yoga Session $45.00 for 30 mins or $75.00 for 60 mins

No prior yoga experience necessary. Class is customized and instructed based on the needs of each individual. This is a gentle, playful way to celebrate our bodies and this journey of life through movement and breath. Includes a meditation & essential oil anointment.

  • Guided Meditations $10.00 – Approx 15 mins.

Is customized to meet the time frame of each ceremony & includes an Essential Oil anointing for each participant.

  • Beading a Blessing Necklace $15.00

Includes 1 Goddess pendent for center of necklace. Please ask each guest to bring 1 bead with large center hole. I will provide extra beads for guests who do not bring one.

  • Mom & Baby Memory Box or Wall Plaque - Custom made just for you!  $ Price Varies on your specifications

Each one is uniquely hand woodburned ingraved, painted and or decorated. Includes a custom design, your baby name or family name & date.

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