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Reiki Mentorship Program (RMP)

Reiki Mentorship SPRING SESSION 2024

with Shannon Chada & Karen LaFrano

Holistic Therapies & Education for the Mind, Body & Spirit


Event Timing: January 2024 - June 2024
Location: Online/Zoom
Questions, Contact us at



We are no longer taking applications for the SPRING Reiki Mentorship Program. Make sure you are on the Newsletter list to be notified of the NEXT Program!

The purpose of this Reiki Mentorship is to help you evolve and grow in your practice so you can feel more secure and confident in your own abilities while you navigate through and figure out your own personal Reiki Path. 

Mentorships can deepen and broaden your skills as a healer, give you confidence, support your personal and/or professional growth.

This Reiki Mentorship program is for anyone who has completed Reiki Level 1 or higher, and has studied under the Usui System of Reiki.

Your participation is your commitment to integrate, through integrity and compassion, of mind, body & spirit, the knowledge gained from your experiences throughout this 6 (six) month course. Integration for the Reiki Mentorship Program involves more than your usual Reiki classes. This program will offer you a community who loves, respects and empowers you, offer guidance, deep connectedness and clarity for your own personal journey. It will bring to you a variety of experiences to gain knowledge, enhance skill and confidence, as well as give you support and accountability for your unique passions to come to fruition.

You will receive one on one, group mentoring experiences, certified integrative specialty classes, along with a Certificate of Graduation from our 6 month Mentorship program to assist you on your Reiki journey personally and/or professionally.

About Our SPRING Reiki Mentorship Program

In this Reiki Mentorship Program you will get:

  • 1 group Zoom check-in per month. 

  • 1 Integration Course taught via Zoom per month.

  • 1 private zoom or phone call meeting with Reiki Master Teacher, Shannon Chada

  • 1 private zoom or phone call meeting with Reiki Master Teacher, Karen LaFrano. 

  • Compassionate Spiritual Mentoring Support with both Shannon & Karen for the duration of the program.

Reiki Mentorship is by-weekly on Wednesday Nights.

January through June, 2024

7pm - 9pm (CST/Chicago, IL)

Dates of Zoom Meetings:

Jan 10th & 24th

Feb 7th & 21st
March 6th & 20th
April 3rd & 17th

May 1st & 15th
June 5th & 19th

* Integration Course recordings will be available for a limited time.
*Meeting Check-ins will not be recorded to respect privacy. 



  • You must have completed a Reiki Level I Certification or more to qualify.

  • All Reiki Mentorship Participants (RMP’s) are subject to approval before acceptance into the program.

  • Students must have access and be able to operate Google Classroom and a Zoom account in order to participate in our group discussions, to receive files, and turn in homework, etc..

  • RMP’s are required to do Reiki self-healing treatments daily (as learned in your Reiki Level 1 Class), have a regular meditation practice, and be willing to practice reiki with others (people and/or animals).  *Devotion to your Reiki practice is extremely important and valuable to your own journey, as well as others.

  • RMP’s are encouraged to attend or host Reiki Energy Exchange workshops in your area. (Encouraged, but not Required).

  • RMP’s are expected to attend all Monthly Meetings / Integration Courses to receive certifications of achievement in those areas. 

  • If homework is assigned, it should be completed within the designated time frame/due date.

  • Integration classes are held via Zoom. If there are any in-person opportunities for those that are local – it will be held at Full Circle Harmony Ministry, Homer Glen, IL. (Possible other nearby locations).

  • Most courses will include lecture, demonstration and/or hands-on learning, along with downloadable files via Google Classroom which support workshop topic in detail. You will receive a Certificate of Achievement for EACH Integration Course you complete at the time of Graduation. Integration Classes are not optional and is part of our monthly meetings. Each Integration course/meeting is approximately 2 hours and includes most materials and costs.

  • Once Integration Class preferences are turned in, Directors will choose the top ones for us to focus on for the course of the 6 month program. There is no make-up or refund for classes/meetings missed. If an integration course is missed, Students will have a limited time to watch the recording & complete any assignments. No certificate will be issued for that topic if the class make-up deadline is missed.

Students who complete the Reiki Mentorship 2024 year program with good attendance, all work assignments completed & turned in, and demonstrates good understanding and knowledge of material, will also receive a Professional Graduate Certification from Full Circle Harmony Ministry, Academy of Holistic Arts (sent via email/to print at home).

Tuition for the Reiki Mentorship Program:
Your contribution for participating in the Reiki Apprenticeship is $125 per month, $750 total for the 6 month program. Monthly credit card payment installment options are available, additional fees may apply to CC payments. See DISCOUNT options below, and Application for more information.

  • CASH Paid IN FULL *Get a $50 discount (CASH program cost $700/ Regular program cost $750 )

  • CREDIT CARD PAID IN FULL *Get a $25 discount (CC in FULL program cost $725/ Regular program cost $750 )



Mentorship Integration Classes:

A tally will be taken of all the TOP CHOICES from approved applications. Then 6 of the most popular classes will be chosen by your Reiki Master Teacher Coaches (Shannon & Karen). 
Note: Some of the Mentorship classes offered are being taught by other qualified instructors. -Note Instructor name on each course.

  • Biofield Tuning & Energetic Mapping

  • Reiki & Physiology

  • Reiki, Angelic Realm & Angel Guides

  • Chakra and Light Body Guide to Activations and Balancing Oneness within

  • Reiki & Somatic Concepts

  • Reiki Breath & Meditation

  • The Energetic Practice of Dowsing using Pendulums & Basic Kinesiology Techniques (muscle testing)

  • Reiki Crystal Grids

  • Aromatherapy and Crystal Elixirs

  • Burning Bowl: Fire Release and Manifesting Ceremony

  • Hospice Reiki Training

  • Reiki for Pregnancy, Labor & Children

  • Reiki for Veterans, Police, Emergency Response Service

  • Sacredness of our Spiritual Tools

  • First Nations Indigenous Seven Elder Teachings

  • Guide to Hosting Reiki Shares/Community Healing Circles

  • Dream Catcher Mind-Mapping project

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

A great deal of time and expense is invested into the preparation and organization our sessions together. It is difficult and oftentimes impossible to recover costs and/or find a student to replace a cancelled registrant and so our cancellation and refund policies reflect this.

  • First month installment contribution is considered your agreed commitment to the program and is due before first scheduled meeting in January.

  • Full refunds will be granted, minus a $50 administrative fee, are given to registrants who request to cancel with at least 7 days notice AFTER the first meeting in January.  Cancellations made after the 7 days from the first monthly meeting forfeit their refund in full and are expected to commit to the agreed contribution the entire year of the program either in full or in monthly installment payments

Accepting Applications NOW for the SPRING 2024 January - June Program!
 Applications are due no later than December 15th, 2023.

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