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Reiki Master Apprentice Program (RMA)

Your participation is your commitment to integrate all the tools we provide for experience, learning, and growth. Integration for the Apprentice Program involves more than your usual Reiki classes. In this program, you will receive monthly one on one and small group mentoring experiences for 1 year to assist you on your Reiki journey personally and/or professionally.


  • You must have completed Reiki Level I, II, III with Shannon

  • All Reiki Master Apprentices (RMA’s) are subject to approval before acceptance into the program.

  • Students must have access and be able to operate a Google Classroom account in order to participate in our private group discussions, to receive files, and turn in homework.

  • RMA is required to do self-healing treatments daily, have a regular meditation practice, and be offering reiki to others (people and/or animals).  Devotion to your Reiki practice is extremely important and valuable to your own journey as well as assisting others.

  • RMA is required to do at least a total of 300 hours of Reiki within the year. – Your daily self-reiki practice, meditation, reiki with others, animals, homework, and integrative classes all count toward your 300 hours.

  • RMA’s are encouraged to attend or host Reiki Energy Exchange workshops in your area.

  • RMA is required to receive at least one full Reiki session from Shannon. (cost is included in your tuition)

  • RMA is required to give 2 Reiki sessions directly to Shannon and will receive feedback on each one to help further your hands-on learning experience. (A full body Reiki Session and a Distant Healing session).

  • RMA is expected to be fluent in all seven traditional Usui Reiki Symbols as learned in their Reiki Level II & III class.

  • RMA is expected to attend all Monthly Meetings / Integration Courses in order to receive certifications of achievement in those areas. Some monthly meetings will just consist of offering and/or receiving Reiki Treatments.

  • At the beginning of each month RMA’s will be given a homework assignment, which is to be completed by the end of the month.

  • Integration classes are held at Full Circle Harmony Ministry, Homer Glen, IL.
    Each course will include lecture, demonstration and hands-on learning along with downloadable files via Google Classroom which support workshop topic in detail. You will receive a Certificate of Achievement for EACH Integration Course you complete at the time of Graduation. Integration Classes are not optional and is part of our monthly meetings. Each Integration course/meeting is 3 hours and includes ALL materials and costs.
    6  – 10 Integration Classes are chosen to focus on for the year. Classes & dates are yet to be determined and will be based on the interest of those accepted in the program.


Integration Classes:

A tally will be taken of all the Top Choices from RMA participants approved for the 2019 year. 
Then 6 – 10 of the most popular integration classes will be chosen by your RMT for our spiritual study topics/Integration courses.

  • Burning Bowl: Fire Release and Manifesting Ceremony

  • Pranayama Breath Techniques & Connecting with Reiki Spirit Guides & Reiki Meditation in the Salt Cave

  • Animal Reiki Certification (includes Hands-on Reiki with animals)

  • Reiki Aromatherapy and Crystal Elixirs. Includes various make and takes.

  • Chakra Energy Balancing for with Pendulums. Includes self & partner assessments.

  • Making Reiki Herbal Healing Salves, Salts, & Balms. Includes various make and takes.

  • Reiki for those in Hospice and Transitioning (lecture only)

  • Integrating Reiki in the Medical Field (lecture only)

  • Reiki for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (lecture only – In-Person Guest Reiki Master Presenter)

  • Reiki for those effected by Cancer (lecture only – Webinar- Guest Reiki Master Presenter)

  • Reiki for Pregnancy, Labor & Children (lecture and demonstration)

  • Reiki and Angelic Realm – Angel Guides (In-Person Guest Reiki Master Presenter)

  • Our Spiritual Tools – what are they? what do I need? how do I care for them? – Includes trading & smudge kit.

  • Making a Sacred Smudging Feather Fan – Includes 4 Directions & Smudging Instructions.

  • The Seven Grandfather Teachings – Includes traditional storytelling, worksheets, gift, & spiritual teachings.

  • Make a Sacred Talking Stick – Includes lecture “How to host a Reiki Circle/Share”.

  • Make a Reiki Dream Catcher & Reiki Dream Journal


Shannon states, “My father and one of my greatest spiritual teachers always told me, there are many trees in the forest, talk with many trees”. Most of our RMA journey consists of direct learning and mentoring with me, your Reiki Master Teacher Shannon Chada. To me, being a Reiki Master humbly means, being a devote to my Reiki Practice – Therefore, I am always a Reiki Student too. At times we invite previous graduates of the RMA program to participate, as well as other Reiki Master Colleges to teach certain topics, share their expertise and offer support to your higher learning experience.


You’re contribution for participating in a one year Reiki Master Apprenticeship is $160 per month, or $1920 total. You will receive a written acknowledgement from the church for the full amount that you contributed for spiritual education purposes – may be a tax deduction. Once you complete the program, you will also receive a 300 hour Diploma as a Professional Reiki Apprentice Graduate from Full Circle Harmony Ministry Academy of Spiritual & Holistic Arts, along with your individual Certificates of Achievement based on the integration courses you attended and completed. Your graduation includes a professional reference and testimonial from RMT Shannon Chada upon request. Contact Shannon directly to discuss your interest in the Reiki Master Apprentice Program.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

A great deal of time and expense is invested into the preparation and organization our sessions together. It is difficult and oftentimes impossible to recover costs and/or find a student to replace a cancelled registrant and so our cancellation and refund policies reflect this.

  • First month installment contribution is considered your agreed commitment to the program and is due before first scheduled meeting in January.

  • Full refunds will be granted, minus a $50 administrative fee, are given to registrants who request to cancel with at least 7 days notice AFTER the first meeting in January.  Cancellations made after the 7 days from the first monthly meeting forfeit their refund in full and are expected to commit to the agreed contribution the entire year of the program either in full or in monthly installment payments.

If I am paying the tuition in monthly installments, I agree to have each contribution payment paid by the 5th of each month.  Installment contributions are to be paid via credit card (Square online) a 3.5% transaction fee will be added to all installment payments). You will receive an email reminder on the 1st of each month, each contribution is to be settled no later than the 5th of each month. Square does offer automatic monthly payment options. Any payment not received by the 5th and if there is no agreed upon communication between us regarding your payment plan circumstance; an automatic non-refundable withdrawal on the 7th of the month will result for the balance due. Integration class contributions are to be settled before participation of each class. All committed contributions are to be settled before graduation and receipt of certificate(s).

Accepting Applications NOW for the 2019 year. Applications are due no later than December 1st 2018. Click HERE to download the application. Please email or snail mail your application to: or Full Circle Harmony c/o Shannon Chada 14256 S. Chickasaw trl. Homer Glen, IL 60491

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