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Reiki Master Teacher Apprentice Program


Is a one year extension of the Reiki Master Apprentice Program (RMA) and is for those who want to receive mentoring on their journey as a Reiki Master Teacher.


  • You must have completed Reiki Levels I, II, III, and IV, along with Graduation from the RMA program with Shannon.

  • All Reiki Master Teacher Apprentices (RMTA’s) are subject to approval before acceptance into the program.

  • RMTA’s are required to attend/assist/participate in one of each Reiki Level I, II, III and Reiki Master IV Class. Note: since you have already taken these classes as students with me, no additional costs will apply – the cost of your attendance is built into the RMTA program. Shannon offers many Reiki classes each year, please see her class schedule and choose which class best fits your schedule and submit request to Shannon via email at least two weeks before class start date.

  • RMTA’s are expected to arrive 1 hour prior to class start time to assist with the set-up and also to stay late for class break-down. After each class you apprentice at we can discuss and answer questions.

  • Your RMTA consists of a personal one on one, 30 minute monthly webinar check-in. Along with unlimited availability via phone.

  • Submit in writing:

  • Individual class descriptions and outlines for each Reiki Level I, II, III & Reiki Master IV.

  • A one page essay on Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui Reiki.

  • A compliant one page essay on the benefits of Reiki in our modern world.

  • Give a total of 40 Reiki sessions to others (may include animals), 7 of those should be remote distant reiki.

  • Keep a Reiki Journal symbolizing expression and reflection of your Reiki journey. Can be writing, drawing, pasting pictures, collage, vision board, etc..

  • Create a business card and a detailed outline of your marketing plans for promoting your reiki practice.

  • Required Reading

    • REIKI: A Comprehensive Guide by Pamela Miles

    • The Sacred Art of Listening by Kay Lindahl

    • You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

  • Other suggested reading, but not required

    • Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

    • Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay

    • Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Energy of Awakening by various Authors, Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

    • The Utethered Soul, the journey beyond yourself


Shannon will review your class descriptions, outlines and any marketing materials offering suggestions to best help make your reiki practice a successful one.

Diploma as a Reiki Master Teacher Apprentice graduating from Full Circle Harmony Ministry Academy of Spiritual and Holistic Arts is granted at the end of apprenticeship completion. Your Contribution for a one year Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship is $150 per month or $1,800.00 total. It is expected that anyone who is enrolled as a RMTA will complete the program no later than December 31st, 2018. Contact Shannon directly to discuss Reiki Master Teacher Apprentice Program.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

A great deal of time and expense is invested into the preparation and organization our sessions together. It is difficult and oftentimes impossible to recover costs and/or find a student to replace a cancelled registrant and so our cancellation and refund policies reflect this.

  • First month installment contribution is considered your agreed commitment to the program and is due before first webinar apprentice meeting in January.

  • Full refunds will be granted, minus a $45 administrative fee, are given to registrants who request to cancel with at least 7 days notice AFTER the first monthly mentoring session in the curriculum.  Cancellations made after the 7 days from the first monthly mentoring session in the curriculum forfeit their refund in full and are expected to commit to the agreed contribution the entire year of the program either in full or in monthly installment payments.


If I am paying the tuition in monthly installments, when is it due?

Installment contributions are to be paid via credit card (Square online) a 3.5% transaction fee will be added to all installment payments). You will be receive an email reminder on the 1st of each month, each contribution is to be settled no later than the 5th of each month. Integration class contributions are to be settled before participation of each class. All committed contributions are to be settled before graduation and receipt of certificate. 

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