Balancing The Flow

Column Name: Living In Full Circle Harmony with Shannon Chada

Topic: How Flow Can You Go?

Shannon and Sky Chada in Butterfly Pose

Let’s face it, sometimes it is hard to get those creative juices flowing! While other times, it seems creativity is pouring so fluidly, we are almost dragged out to sea in a tidal wave of passion. So how can we help balance this ever fluctuating flow? Connection, Creativity, Movement, and Breath.

Energetically, our second chakra governs emotions, enthusiasm, sensuality, and creativity. The second chakra is physically located near your sacrum and hips, below your navel, and is said to be the seat of your reproductive organs.

We can often notice imbalances of svadisthana energy when you are unable to embrace self-love, intimacy, or simply connect with your passions. Others may perceive you as controlling and you might feel that life is stagnant or lacking.

It’s no wonder that the second chakra’s element is water. When your creative energies are out of whack, we can rise and fall like ocean waves.

Pure water is the best thing you can ingest to bring your body back in to balance. Also, teas, broths, and foods like carrots, oranges, melon and mangos have blissful balancing properties.

In the depth of these waters there is a sparkling key just waiting to unlock the treasures that lie within this chakra. Invite your wild-child to come out and play! Creative movement is fun, silly and soulful! Take Action! Move your body to your favorite tunes and create your own private dance party!