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Sparking Empowerment Within

Column Name: Living In Full Circle Harmony with Shannon Chada

Topic: Sparking Empowerment Within

When we look within ourselves to ask the question “who am I?” A process of peeling back the layers begin. First we release the obvious labels, “I am a mother, a wife, a Reiki Master, etc…”, then we dive a bit deeper seeking a more meaningful depiction. In my own journey, as the layers unraveled I found myself exploring notions of being a helper, healer, and teacher, but then I asked myself how do I help others? This led me to the word - inspiration. As it flourished in my mind’s eye it beamed like a bright guiding light.

I believe that there is a magnificent healing power which comes from within - as a helper we can assist others to be in awareness of their own healing process. As I breathed deep into the fire of my solar plexus, ego lit on fire and exclaimed “I am a bright guiding light!!” Goodness, ego really? Then I heard the voice of my father ManyHats, like a whispering wind from the west “remember the most important voice, is the still small voice inside”. Humbly, my vision shifted perspective; I looked down from the universe into the cosmic depths of my belly. There in the darkness I saw a quick flash, just a tiny little a spark. Yes, I there is my spark of light. We are all just tiny sparks. It felt so lovely and liberating to be a simple tiny little spark. One spark radiating in the sky, inspired by another tiny spark near by. As my perspective opened wider, I could see all these little sparks igniting like fireflies in the night.

In the golden yellow glow of the Solar Plexus is the image of a lotus, representing the sun. With each petal unveiled, we discover the spark within and we awaken to the divine presence of sacred empowerment. Our intentions create actions and stir the manifesting energies of the universe. This is the empowering energy of Manipura, which in Sanskrit means lustrous gem. The home of our Solar Plexus is located around the navel and up to the breastbone. Solar Plexus represents our center of power, confidence, and identity.

Helping others is a genuine action of compassion and kindness, but often we take it upon ourselves to carry their torch for them. Doing so is not a service to them; instead it enables them to discover how bright they truly are. Carrying this torch for them does not serve us either. Recently one of my Reiki Master Students shared a message she received in meditation “we do not need to turn into a flame to warm somebody up.” Most the time, that is why we get burned. “Perhaps, all we need is to build healthy boundaries, empower one another and to love ourselves like we love others.”

From a spiritual perspective, the solar plexus fire is used for purification, burning out the old and obsolete energies which may be preventing us from moving forward on our path. Fire gives us light, energy, warmth and clearing. Our inner fire helps to transform your life and our world. As our solar plexus emanates our own personal power, so does the sun as it shines forth its power of light. It is in this sacred space of we stand in our truth, awaken and be in the statement of the “I AM”.

I AM Spark of light! May our tiny sparks spread like wildfire - Shine On Friends!

As pictured above - Goddess Pose “Utkata Konasana”. Offer your Goddess pose outdoors to the universe and feel the sun shine on your face or or gather in Goddess Pose as a community with others whom share empowerment and inspiration to raise each other UP!

Eat yellow foods: lemons, squash, yellow peppers, bananas, corn, pineapple, or grapefruit.

Essential Oils: lemon, Purification®, rosemary, peppermint, fennel.

Exercise your mind: Take classes, read a subject you find interesting, memory games.

Belly Laugh! Deep laughter comes from the core, the solar plexus area.

Core strengthening exercises can also be very self-empowering.

Shannon Chada is a Holistic Spiritual Practitioner of Full Circle Harmony Ministry with 15+ years of experience as a Reiki Master Teacher/ Energetic Healer since 2000, Sacred Ceremony Facilitator, Certified Yoga Instructor since 2006 and YL Essential Oil Educator & Distributor #881454. Find her classes and services at

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